2 May

John Ross Jesensky Advocates for Cautious Approach When Finalizing a Real Estate Transaction

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Finalizing the purchase of a new home is understood to be a life-changing moment, and, unfortunately, John Ross Jesensky is concerned about the countless fraudsters seeking to take advantage of real estate buyers in such a way that what should have been an exciting and wholly positive moment becomes irrevocably tainted by deception. According to recent reports, hackers have been misrepresenting themselves to real estate buyers by sending emails that appear to be from the buyer’s real estate agent.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, these fraudulent emails request that homebuyers transfer the closing costs on the property they are purchasing to a bank account. This is why Jesensky has cautioned homebuyers to proceed very cautiously when closing a real estate transaction, noting that it is always best to contact the real estate agent in a manner that is entirely verifiable and to do business in person whenever possible. While the digital age has indeed made online transactions more secure and more commonplace, it is important to remember that fraudsters make every effort to stay one step ahead of any newly developed security measures.

27 Apr

Randi Glazer on How Introverts Can Succeed in Business Through Self-Promotion

Randi glazer business promotionRandi Glazer understands the plight of the introvert in a business world that seems to reward only the most shameless self-promoters while some of the most outstanding professionals are passed over for opportunities they absolutely deserve. An incredibly successful underwriting professional, Glazer points out that introverts should not be discouraged about what may seem like a disadvantage when it comes to the need to promote their professional accomplishments. In fact, Glazer feels that introverts can use their natural disposition to create a tremendous advantage in every aspect of business.

The critical difference between introverts and extroverts is a willingness to listen and to respond thoughtfully versus a desire to speak and extemporize. While the latter approach may create the perception that the advantage is with the extrovert, the truth is that it is the former approach that is far more endearing and is much more beneficial when it comes to the advancement of a professional career. Introverts simply have to recognize that their disposition is actually to their advantage and not to their disadvantage, particularly since there is still action that needs to be taken in order to properly leverage this natural advantage.

Self-promotion is often associated with the process of creating contacts and leads for use in achieving a set of professional goals. It does not matter if a person is an introvert or an extrovert if they go around treating people as nothing more than a “lead,” which is why the introvert has to realize that effective self-promotion should not force them to alter the way they interact with others, regardless of the setting. Instead of generating leads, introverts should simply focus on building relationships in a ways that feels entirely natural.

16 Mar

Global Investment Firms Tapping Into Strong US Real Estate Market

With global economic concerns continuing to mount, it is simply a natural response to look to the markets that seem to be largely insulated from these troubling international struggles. One of those markets just so happens to be the real estate market of the United States, where foreign investment capital has seemed to flow unabated for quite some time now. This is, of course, a good thing for homeowners who may be considering placing their home on the market in the near future, and an economic expert such as Andrew Charlton might note that a significant spike in real estate property value may be closer on the horizon than most might realize.

Since the World Bank’s managing director recently identified the United States economy as the “only engine of growth” on a worldwide basis, those who have been cautious with their investment dollars may find themselves far more emboldened to invest in the real estate market as early as possible to ensure the greatest potential return. If US investors were to take this sort of action, they would be following the lead of international businesses that have already recognized the potential value inherent in the American marketplace.

One such business is Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc., which just purchased a portfolio worth $6.5 billion that included San Diego’s Hotel del Coronado along with a number of other high-profile real estate properties. Obviously, most US investors will not be able to plunk down billions of dollars for such a massively valued portfolio, but the fact that these kinds of sizable investments are being made from abroad during a time of international economic volatility reflects both the real and the perceived strength of the US market and its real estate market in particular.

28 Dec

Are Tiny Houses Really the Future of Real Estate?

While Americans may not yet be selling their massive homes in favor of a tiny house just yet, there seems to be increasing interest in the prospect of living in one of these architecturally impressive domiciles. With the popularity of several television shows that advocate downsizing for a variety of reasons from cost to convenience, many real estate professionals are finding that more and more clients are at least inquiring about the possibility of living in a tiny home, yet there seems to be quite a bit of doubt over whether these increasing inquiries are the precursor to a major trend.

Progressive thinkers like David Kravitz would probably argue that tiny homes would be a great way for the younger generation of homebuyers to acquire land on which they can build a larger home when they are ready to expand or start a family, noting that the reduced costs of a tiny home would allow young professionals to focus on repaying debt from college loans or on building equity rather than paying rent and getting little in return other than some level of flexibility.

Others might suggest that tiny homes would be a great solution for homeless populations, as many studies have shown the key to reducing homelessness is to create the sense of stability that is only possible through placement in a permanent home. Since several tiny houses can be placed on a relatively small plot of land, homeless families and individuals can be provided with cost-effective homes that allow them to rebuild their lives without having to worry about where they will sleep each night. This concept would surely be the subject of intense debate, but it represents a possible solution to an unfortunately common issue.

As for the possibility that tiny houses become the future of real estate, it is hard to imagine the majority of families being able to maintain a sense of comfort while living in such tight spaces for so many years. While tiny houses may be unlikely to become the norm anytime soon, it seems clear that there are many who feel these kinds of homes are perfectly suited for their particular lifestyle. Even though a 300-square-foot home may never be the standard space for houses across the country, it appears as though these tiny homes will continue to become increasingly common and will at least occupy an interesting niche within the real estate industry.

4 Nov

Praviz Khosrowyar Words Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Real estate is a tough business and surviving as a real estate agent may put you to the stress test daily.  To survive the real estate business, be sure you take care of the bare basic factors such as getting enough sleep and eating breakfast because you wouldn’t want to make a simple mistake of mistaking one piece of real estate for another piece of real estate such as when a man was mistaken for Parviz Khosrowyar in Los Angeles.

If you’re trying to break in a real estate market, network-network-and network some more! Never stop searching for new clients and keep your ears open for anyone who could be in need of your services. Remember that business is all about relationships, so the more you network with peers and peers of peers to form relationships, your name will and service will be advertised through the old fashioned “word of mouth” way.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. At some point in your business, you’re going to have to make the jump and you might be surprised to find that later down the road, if not immediately, the jump helped you! If you’re new in the real estate business, harken to the words of Praviz Khosrowyar and, “Do something that scares you everyday.” You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you learn.

24 Sep

Real Estate In Business Is Half The Battle

No one wants to be burdened when coming into your business establishment or exiting it. If either one of these tasks are too worrisome for a customer or client, you just may lose business. Ask Karl Jobst who was wise in choosing his business real estate unlike his rival competition across the street. As the months and years pass, Jobst became more profitable and as a result his business and real estate grew! The competitor however was forced to shut down.

Sufficient parking sports is also overlooked, yet critical for clients and workers. On the off chance that clients are not able to discover suitable spots to park, they may decide to visit a the competition across the street who has the same qualified service. Not only that, but you also need ample amounts of space for workers to stop at or close to your area.

30 Jun

Kion Kashefi’s Hot Real Estate Markets in 2015-2016

Regardless of your status as a buyer, a seller or an investor, it is important for you to have an understanding of the factors that influence the real estate market when it comes time to make a decision.

Predicting the markets that will enjoy continued growth or projecting which markets are poised to bounce back is undeniably difficult, but Kion Kashefi has a system he utilizes in identifying the hottest markets for each coming year. As the calendar turns from 2015 to 2016, Mr. Kashefi sees four real estate markets in particular that ought to be very appealing to buyers and investors alike:


• Des Moines, Iowa
• Denver, Colorado
• Minneapolis, Minnesota
• Phoenix, Arizona


Of course, there are never any guarantees in the real estate industry and these markets are simply those that Mr. Kashefi sees as among the most likely to either enjoy significant growth or to bounce back following a period in which it struggled.


Des Moines, Iowa


Des Moines


The Midwest is often overlooked when it comes to real estate value, but the Millenial Generation has recognized the affordability of real estate in America’s Heartland. Des Moines, Iowa, seems poised for the most significant growth, and Mr. Kashefi points out that there are a number of positive factors that indicate this market should perform well for many years to come. The average cost of a home is well below the national average and the local economy is in great shape, boasting an unemployment rate that is also below the national average at just about four percent.


Denver, Colorado




Economic recovery has helped Denver re-establish the value of its housing market, and the city is appealing to buyers and investors for a variety of reasons. The metro area is enjoying continued job growth and the projections for home sales is the best of any market in the country. Denver also benefits from its status as a progressive hub, which increases its appeal among many of the first-time homebuyers now entering the market.


Minneapolis, Minnesota




Another somewhat surprising location, Mr. Kashefi believes that Minneapolis is becoming a very attractive destination for young homebuyers. The strong economy and the relatively low cost of living are very attractive to buyers, and this should keep the real estate market strong for quite some time.


Phoenix, Arizona




Among the markets that are most in need of bouncing back after an economic downturn, Phoenix, Arizona is likely to be the foremost among them. The real estate market fell apart relatively recently, but all indications seem to point to the fact that the market is now entering a period of sustained recovery and strength. Prices ought to remain relatively low as the market continues to recover, and the value of these properties should increase significantly over the next few years.

2 Jun

House Hunt

untitled (2) untitledIf you don’t know what you want you will never find it.  Take the time to clearly define your wants and needs before starting that house hunt.  These lists may evolve as you look at homes that are available but at least you will have a starting point.  A need is pretty simple.  The wants can run up the cost.  Compromise will happen in the want category first.  Needs are what you must have to move.  If you cant fill those needs in your budget then you have a problem moving in the first place.  http://lweil.com/ is a good place to start planning.

16 May

Find that Perfect Home

imagesET66SLOK untitled (43)Finding the perfect home is difficult.  It seams that you always have to compromise what your dream home is when reality sinks in.  If you have an ideal in mind you will pass up some good deals in the process of seeking that elusive dream.  I wanted, or thought I wanted, a two story home.  I never had one and wanted to have an upper floor for the bedrooms.  I got it and soon realized the mistake.  The wife had back surgery and could not climb the stairs.  What a mess.  I soon hated those stairs.  Everything you needed was always up or down that stair.  Arthur Falcone’s, youtube sensation, has always been a source of information.

14 May

Lease Option?

untitled (48) imagesI1D1F1TN imagesTWVMYRWGIf you can’t come up with the down needed for a loan a lease option to buy might work for you.  The premise is that the owner leases the property to you and a portion of that lease is set aside for a down payment.  If you pull out of the deal that set aside money defaults to the owner.  The plus side for you is that you have a place to live while building towards a down payment for purchase.  This kind of deal will need to be set down in writing and you want to freeze the price for the purchase.  he different way to get in the game have changed.  Check out all the possibilities.  Tim DeCapua will help you get that deal going.