With global economic concerns continuing to mount, it is simply a natural response to look to the markets that seem to be largely insulated from these troubling international struggles. One of those markets just so happens to be the real estate market of the United States, where foreign investment capital has seemed to flow unabated for quite some time now. This is, of course, a good thing for homeowners who may be considering placing their home on the market in the near future, and an economic expert such as Andrew Charlton might note that a significant spike in real estate property value may be closer on the horizon than most might realize.

Since the World Bank’s managing director recently identified the United States economy as the “only engine of growth” on a worldwide basis, those who have been cautious with their investment dollars may find themselves far more emboldened to invest in the real estate market as early as possible to ensure the greatest potential return. If US investors were to take this sort of action, they would be following the lead of international businesses that have already recognized the potential value inherent in the American marketplace.

One such business is Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc., which just purchased a portfolio worth $6.5 billion that included San Diego’s Hotel del Coronado along with a number of other high-profile real estate properties. Obviously, most US investors will not be able to plunk down billions of dollars for such a massively valued portfolio, but the fact that these kinds of sizable investments are being made from abroad during a time of international economic volatility reflects both the real and the perceived strength of the US market and its real estate market in particular.

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