Randi glazer business promotionRandi Glazer understands the plight of the introvert in a business world that seems to reward only the most shameless self-promoters while some of the most outstanding professionals are passed over for opportunities they absolutely deserve. An incredibly successful underwriting professional, Glazer points out that introverts should not be discouraged about what may seem like a disadvantage when it comes to the need to promote their professional accomplishments. In fact, Glazer feels that introverts can use their natural disposition to create a tremendous advantage in every aspect of business.

The critical difference between introverts and extroverts is a willingness to listen and to respond thoughtfully versus a desire to speak and extemporize. While the latter approach may create the perception that the advantage is with the extrovert, the truth is that it is the former approach that is far more endearing and is much more beneficial when it comes to the advancement of a professional career. Introverts simply have to recognize that their disposition is actually to their advantage and not to their disadvantage, particularly since there is still action that needs to be taken in order to properly leverage this natural advantage.

Self-promotion is often associated with the process of creating contacts and leads for use in achieving a set of professional goals. It does not matter if a person is an introvert or an extrovert if they go around treating people as nothing more than a “lead,” which is why the introvert has to realize that effective self-promotion should not force them to alter the way they interact with others, regardless of the setting. Instead of generating leads, introverts should simply focus on building relationships in a ways that feels entirely natural.

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