Although experienced and crafty real estate investors may be able to profit in a not so strong real estate market, the fact remains that they are pushing against a constant current fighting to get to the top. The odds are against the experienced investors and when it comes to new investors, they barely even have a chance. One of the biggest nightmares for a prospering real estate market is rising interest rates and that thriving market will come to screeching halt. This leads to reduced demand for real estate, and prices will fall respectively.

According to Luigi Wewege in his most recent interview, things have been speeding up for him instead of slowing down or even stopping. The real estate market for this businessman seems to be fruitful and promising with the purchase of a home loan company in Dublin, Ireland, through Vivier Mortgages Limited, as well as having established an association with developers in the UK through Vivier Property allowing investment in residential real estate.


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